Breaking the Wall

For a long time, I protected my heart.

For a long time, I built a wall around it. 

Uncertainties made me so afraid to give in to love. 

We are always unsure of what the future holds,

And I tried to protect myself, my heart, from possibly getting hurt. 

But now that the future, though still unsure, somehow has a path,

I see the wall I long built slowly breaking down. 

I have now learned to open myself to my vulnerabilities. 

I am no longer afraid, because my future is here. 

And it’s alright now to love. ❤️


Unreciprocated Love

Love always keeps me at awe.

Growing up, I loved reading all kinds of romance novels. I also love watching romantic movies. All those that speak of a magical love, endless love, all sorts of love that just leave you wishing you’d have your own love story worthy of turning into a movie or a romance novel.

But although I have always been a hopeless romantic, I have never thought that love such as those existing in the books I read could actually exist in real life. Yes, I have witnessed unconditional love such as my father’s love for my mother. But I never thought it possible for a person to love someone so much for, I guess, no reason at all.

How could someone continue giving unreciprocated love? How could someone continue loving a person who doesn’t even seem to realise how much love you give her?

And finally, how could someone, like myself, be so blind as to not seeing this love for a very long time?


People come and go, they say.

But there are some who choose to stay. And when you find that person, do you keep pushing them away?

At some point in your life, you meet someone you thought would be momentary. You’d find all the reasons you can have to believe that this person is not someone who should be staying. You give yourself reasons not to let this person into your life. But alas! This person is the one who stayed all throughout, despite convincing yourself of their non-existence.

Having been through a lot of things in the past, I have been overprotective of myself. Partly because I know myself too well. I am aware of my vulnerability-my vulnerability that always gets me in trouble all the time.

But one day, I decided to open my eyes. I decided to look around me, and I realised that what I have been waiting for has actually been there all this time. But although it seems to be so good, it is not without risks. Risk of opening my vulnerable self to possibly being fu*ked up again. Risk of waking up and realising that this, too, is actually just momentary.

Now I ask myself: Is it actually worth the risk? Will the happiness that this might momentarily bring me be worth the possible disaster? Is it worth gambling for? Should I free myself from all these worries, from all these years of protecting myself? Should I finally allow myself to just let go and let it be?

Live for the moment, they say. But will this moment be worth all the uncertainties that the future holds?


One Fun Day

It’s been a long while since my last post. I’ve been either too busy or just lazy. This post is also long overdue but I just can’t let it pass. One fun random day, my cousins (whom I consider sisters) and I went out and had a fun photo shoot. I took the photos (credits to Ate Princess for lending us her camera) while my cousins did the modelling stuff. I tried to have some photos taken of me as well but I really suck at it so never mind. Anyway, here are a few of the photos I snapped. Enjoy!

Location: Bonifacio Global City (Soccer field / Burgos Circle / High Street / Vanilla Cupcake Bakery)

Photography: Meeztee

Make-up and styling: Model’s own

Models: Hafz and Zar Sariph



DSC_6927 DSC_6929

`DSC_6944 DSC_6946 DSC_6899DSC_7098DSC_6930 Untitled-1 DSC_7131DSC_7128Untitled-2DSC_7296 DSC_7284 DSC_7298DSC_7317 DSC_7320 DSC_7366 DSC_7396 DSC_7387 DSC_7400 DSC_7406DSC_7401 DSC_7458







Hello, September!

Hello, September!

It’s been months since I last updated this page and recently, I’ve been thinking about writing a new post. I just wasn’t able to do it right away because I’ve been kind of preoccupied lately. But what better day to start blogging again than on my birth month, September! (It’s my birthday on September 5, by the way.)

So today, I’ll be sharing to you about this mob marriage proposal pulled off by my friend Edcris for his girlfriend, Alyn. Last August 10, he posted a question on our group’s facebook page, asking us for suggestions for a crazy idea on a marriage proposal. And I was like, waaaaah! It just really excites me to be part of something like surprise marriage proposals! And my mind went crazy thinking about all those sweet and “kilig” marriage proposal ideas!

I suggested doing a mob proposal, because I’ve really been fascinated with all those mob proposals I see on Youtube. He agreed with the idea, and thankfully, the other members of our group were also more than willing to participate.

We scheduled a practice for the mob dance last August 17 but was cancelled due to Typhoon Maring. And we didn’t really have the chance to practice after that. We only got to practice the night before the actual proposal. The song that was used was What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction. We just familiarized ourselves with the steps and left everything else to God! lol!

On the day of the proposal, which was yesterday, September 1, we were met with a heavy traffic on our way to the venue, Luneta Park in Manila. There was this Alay Lakad thing going on in the area so we were forced to walk 1 and half kilometers to reach the place on time.

But thankfully, we made it just in time and we were able to pull it off well (uhm, not so well on the dancing part! haha). Edcris had to wait for Alyn’s answer for a few minutes because she suddenly got shy due to the number of people who crowded in on them, also eager for her answer. Here are the few photos I managed to snap:





Congratulations Ed and Alyn! ^_^

-miss tee-

e t c F a s h i o n F l e a M a r k e t

I’ve always loved fashion bazaars.
Well, who wouldn’t?
Great fashion finds, fashionable people, and you get to meet many young local entrepreneurs.

One fashion bazaar I recently (very recent, it was yesterday!) went to was the

ETC Fashion Flea Bazaar

at the Ronac Art Center. It ran for two days and yesterday, August 26, was the last. I wasn’t actually dressed up for it because I didn’t know that’s where we were going. I was just so glad I had my digicam with me so I was able to take some photos.

Now, what was so special with this bazaar?

Everything just spelled FAS HI – O – N !

The shoes and bags in the two photos above are from Flying Dutchman.

There were fab accessories, too!

And because it was all about fashion, they had a photo wall for the best dressed people who were there.

There were available food stalls too. I noticed two of them, the Tacling’s Tacos which was one of my favorite Mercato finds, and the Sophie’s Mom, which served good desserts. There were also some drinks for FREE! 🙂

They even had a boyfriend lounge, for the guys who were just tagged along by their partners to have some fun, too.

Cetaphil‘s booth also had a game where you try to pop a balloon and win some Cetaphil products. Nestlé Fitnesse gave free taste of their cereals. Wrigley’s Doublemint gave away free menthol mints when you take a picture with Borgy Manotoc (yes, he was there!).

There were other celebrities we spotted (though I didn’t take photos of them) : Kris Lawrence, Rafael Rosell and Jay-R.

Aside from the good fashion finds, good food, fun games, and good-looking people, there were also good hearts! They had some items that were auctioned for the benefit of the Cancer Warriors Foundation.

Those dresses were from Project Runway Philippines winners. They were auctioned at a starting bid of mostly 300php.

The items for auction were prepared. Those items laid down at the back were mostly bags and accessories.

Models and bidders waiting for the auction to start.

And the auction starts…led by this beautiful and lively host (sorry, I forgot her name).

The first set of items auctioned.

The eager bidders. 🙂

I tried bidding too and they gave me this bidding number.

And this blue bag held by that handsome model got the highest bid! 😉

Those were the only pics I was able to take.

Well, to sum it up, it was by far the most fun bazaar I ever went to! Looking forward to a Part 2. 🙂

A Beautiful Mess

Yesterday, I’ve been reading this blog that I stumbled upon and I’d love to share it with you! It’s called A Beautiful Mess by Elsie. From the moment I viewed the blog, I found myself so hooked that I forgot it’s office hours and I ended up ignoring the pile of papers on my table, waiting for my attention. Yeah, I know that was bad, but you can’t blame me! I guess every girl who checks out her blog gets hooked like me! The blog feautures a lot of stuff that interests me. It features DIY projects that are too cute and awesome that it made me want to have my own sewing machine right away!




It also has some outfit posts, another thing that I’ve been dreaming to post on my blog, too!




Plus, photography! Elsie is also so good with her photography skills…and I’m such a Lomo fan! 🙂






She also posts hair and makeup tips and…. even recipes! 🙂







So I suggest you visit her blog at A Beautiful Mess and have so much fun! 🙂